Fresh food to Community

It is a weekday morning people pour out of their apartments to start the day.  One man in particular heads to his work, a restaurant bar.  His commute is not far, just a short block or two from his house.  As he walks down the street neighbors and patrons of his restaurant greet him alike.  Unlocking the security gate signifies the start of his day.  The metal gate rattles up unveiling La Mirona, an open expanse of elegant design….  A restaurant and bar that is open from 8:30am – 1:30am.  Located just outside the old town of Valencia in the district of La Gran Via, it is a creation of the head chef and resident,  Nacho Huerta.IMG_3745

Nacho has lived in Valencia all his life and has been a chef for nearly as long. At 32, he is very successful and anyone who meets  him would understand why.  Around him there is always a bustle of energy due to his charisma, welcoming personality, and passion for what he does in life.

As a child his family owned restaurants and he always enjoyed being around the kitchen. “Later I decided to study in a cooking school, and I felt passionate about it. And I was good at it,” said Huerta. Studying culinary in school and growing up In a kitchen Huerta had a strong passion to create and serve delicious food to people.  This is exactly what he did, although his first time around he was not alone….

In 2009 Huerta and some friends opened a restaurant in a different part of Valencia.  It was quite different from La Mirona as it was more traditional, no bar no coffee.  That restaurant became very successful even landing him news Photo Jul 18, 1 56 13 PMinterviews. It was time for a change though and two years ago he founded  La Mirona, meaning a stunner. Needing to live up to its name La Mirona had to be more than an ordinary restaurant.

A cafe?  Huerta explained “Because in this kind of café restaurant you have more clients. This is a very good neighborhood, and there is a lot of people who want not only to eat lunch or dinner, but also to have a drink or a coffee. This way I can offer my clients everything they are looking for when they go out.”  This business plan has worked great for the head chef and owner. With a little over two and a half years, the customer base is growing strong.  Catering mostly to the people of his neighborhood with seasonal foods, Huerta changes the menu every six weeks.

“I do try to make the most of seasonal products. Each season there is abundance of certain products, that are more affordable and taste better. There are people who come specifically to eat certain dishes in this restaurant. I cannot change those dishes.”

Huerto understands the people that come to his place and caters to their needs.  Whether they want  a pitcher of La Mirona’s homemade sangria, a fresh brewed coffee, or a meal prepared with the fresh, seasonal foods,  Nacho Huerta has got you covered.

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