Not your average sandcastle

By Gustavo Olguin

With all of Malvarrosa Beach’s music and culture it’s not hard to find some shocking art. Some of the most significant head turners are the giant monuments made of sand. These pieces can exceed heights of six feet tall and have intense detail and time put into them. The artists dedicate weeks at the beach to ensure the safety of these pieces, which includes having them and a friend sit there 24/7.

In front of restaurants and tourist attractions sits the Last Supper recreated by 24-year-old Romanian artist Andoni Alin Vasile. This piece has taken two weeks to put together. He says that he should be finished in another two weeks. He keeps an eye on his art and isn’t afraid to say something when people get close. The Last Supper was chosen because it is for the tourists and he makes his art for the people.

<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”*aRIIDKDJg6MUgrx09h2WgA.jpeg”&gt;

Another artist is a little ways down the beach with a piece he created representing Valencia. His name is Hangu Ilie, 22 years old and also from Romania. It has a giant bat on the front, archways at the top and gateways throughout. Although the purpose of his art is more for money, but he still caters what tours would want to see.

Everyone that passes has the same question. How is it done? The idea of building entire structures out of such fine sand seems impossible. The only tools they use are water and their hands to make such intense detail on both pieces. Ilie states that only Romanians have the craft to make such giant pieces of art and others try to do the same but can’t quite reach the same intensity.

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